Body Moves for Brain Power

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ALZHEIMER’S CONCERNS? Powerful DVD builds brain cells, guaranteed. New research is suggesting that developing surplus brain tissue can compensate for tissue damaged by Alzheimer’s! Just sit in your chair and do the easy “brain power” exercises. Discover how to stimulate your brain cell growth by up to 10%! Feel energized as you build new brain cells to keep your mind crisp, alert, and independent. The Hallmark Channel recently featured this innovative DVD for people who want to train their brain – and now you can too! Guaranteed you’ll love it!

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The Brain Book

A Blueprint for Brain Fitness

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Are you looking to improve the performance and creativity of your brain function? Discover ways to energize and protect your brain cells by treating the whole body with quality, healthy choices. The brain can then begin to age well, learn well, and respond accurately with improved focus.

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