Aerobic Dance

by Jacki Sorensen

Jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dance Program
Tuesdays and Thursdays
8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
26850 Sun City Blvd.
North Town Hall
Sun City, CA 92586

Instructor: Debbi Harper
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What if exercise was fun and enjoyable and you couldn't wait for the next class?

That's “Jacki's Aerobic Dancing.” Catchy music, fun steps, and FUN! Workout at your own pace, get lost in the music while you strengthen your muscles, your heart and your entire body. Classes are creative and challenging, yet a beginner can do it, and the time will fly by! “Jacki's Aerobic Dancing” program is creatively choreographed for the non-dancer to give you a complete head to toe workout. It's a class that whispers exercise and shouts FUN!

"Dance expresses joy better than anything else!"
- Bob Fosse

Come join us and find your joy!

Wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes and a smile!
Don't wait for someone to take you dancing, take yourself to class!

Sun City Civic Association Card # required.
$3.00 per class

Why promote a dance exercise class for brain fitness?

Exercise is the lifestyle choice that is proven to build new brain cells. A person who exercises has two to three times as many brain cells as a non-exercising person. Music has been shown to help the brain relax. By combining the power of music with the beauty of dance you can reap extraordinary benefits such as:

• Elevating your mood. You just feel great after a workout with exhilarating music.

• Creating new brain cells. Each choreographed song offers the opportunity to learn new information. The dance steps are based on previous known moves – jog, lunge, kick, bounce, knee lift. The brain connects the new information with memories of earlier acquired knowledge. These stored experiences connect with other stored experiences (memories). Scientists call this “being bushy.” It is also another way of stimulating the mind with mental exercise to cause the brain cells to branch wildly. You knew you needed more than just crossword puzzles to keep your brain sharp!

• Responding to the music by moving your body in rhythm. This is a fancy way of saying you are exercising.

• Improving your verbal fluency. Charles Emery, professor at Ohio State University conducted a study that found the combination of music with exercise stimulated and increased cognitive arousal and helped organize cognitive output. Participants who listened to music while exercising showed more than double the improvement in verbal fluency than that of participants who did not listen to music as they exercised.

• Developing great patterns for learning. Each time you learn a new song you take something you are familiar with and add the challenge of something new. Then you return to the comfort of what you know and add something new again. This creates orderly patterns and pathways for information to be kept. This can be especially beneficial when the brain needs to learn new information in other aspects of life.

So what are you waiting for?
Hurry, the music is about to start!

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